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White label Fintech Services for

Main Benefits

You are now a FinTech Giant

Offer payment processing,cross-border transactions, invoices, recurring billing, online shopping cart, offline POS and much much more.

Security first!

We maintain high level of security, using PCI-1¬†standards, so you won’t have to

Supporting your Growth

We provide international solutions and support for your merchants, enabling you to reach new verticals in your current markets and expand to new markets.

Zero Risk & Operations

All transactions & services are processed through our risk & anti-fraud engine so you don’t have to worry about seller or buyer based fraud. You have no exposure to risk or fraud.

User Experience

Our clients offer our services under their own brand maintaining complete control over user experience.

Our Technology

Our robust API’s & SDK’s provide you with the ability and flexibility to onboard merchants, offer services, monitor results, and much more.

We are to support our clients

Our Clients offer our services to over 20,000 merchants.